GLEarte association is to organise unique experiences for visitors. Our passion is to offer travellers the emotion of a ‘journey’, which comes into being every time we ‘build’ unforgettable sensations for our visitors. Because a true experience is built piece by piece, passionately tending to every detail.

The Event

Ancient Wisdom and Flavours | 10-11 DECEMBER 2022 ARITZO


Meet new cultures and people and learn their traditions…

Where To stay

The Hotels and B&Bs in Aritzo where you can feel at home

Sardinia Experiences 2022: Aritzo Ancient Wisdoms and Flavours

Sardinia Experiences has put together a range of events devoted to experiential tourism. A new form of tourism that allows travellers to discover lost locations, enjoy tailored tours, meet new cultures and people and learn about their traditions.

On 10 and 11 December 2022, the event Ancient Wisdoms and Flavours will be hosted by the town of Aritzo, an ancient village in the Barbagia di Belvì, located in the Gennargentu massif.


Event promoted by Independent Region of Sardina, Department of Tourism, Craftsmanship and Commerce .


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