Great Experiences

  • The mission of the GLEarte association is to organise unique experiences for visitors. Our passion is to offer travellers the emotion of a ‘journey’, which comes into being every time we ‘build’ unforgettable sensations for our visitors. Because a true experience is built piece by piece, passionately tending to every detail.

    Guests will be able to identify with the gentle rhythm of life in the truest and most authentic Sardinia, becoming acquainted and appreciating the heritage of its territory, receiving new cultural inputs and emotional influences. An opportunity to rediscover an authentic personal dimension.

    What better way to appreciate a travel destination than by coming into contact with the locals and discovering their authentic way of life through observation and experience? It’s a fact that more and more tourists are choosing solutions that allow them to establish positive and fruitful relationships with local communities.

    Through the experiences it seeks to offer its users, GLEarte wants to put human relationships first, making room first and foremost to the mutual desire of welcoming and being welcomed, giving the opportunity to become acquainted with and discovering the community and its environment, with the conviction that every encounter is an experience and that experiences give meaning to life. 

    Food also represents a relationship and expresses the heart and soul of a territory. Local products, gastronomical, of handicraft and of manufacturing in general, are treasure troves of community wisdom. Typical local recipes will therefore represent not only an opportunity to taste that product with zero environmental impact, but also a pretext to discover and share a flavour, a story, an emotion, a friendship.

    After an initial contact, a phase of listening to and understanding travellers’ expectations will follow, also forming several groups, during which we will offer our experience and expertise to agree on the fundamental points around which to ‘build’ the experience and the journey… adapting it to your needs. 

    Here are some of the emotive experiences we propose to offer our guests:

    • SUV tours with specialised guides to help you discover Sardinia, its coasts and its most authentic inland areas
    • Customised hikes
    • River canoe trips
    • Mountain bike or e-bike tours
    • A day dedicated to learning about and experiencing first-hand the typical life of a Sardinian shepherd or farmer: milking cattle, making a typical cheese, learning farming techniques, harvesting fruit and vegetables and a typical lunch or dinner
    • Discovering some of the secrets of traditional weaving and the ancient workmanship typical of Sardinia, learning how to use an authentic hand loom
    • Hand making a fresh pasta or cake of the local tradition (e.g. Sebada) according to the original recipe, with Sardinian wheat flours, following the guidelines given by experts

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