Sardinia Experiences 2022: Aritzo Ancient Wisdoms and Flavours

Sardinia Experiences has put together a range of events devoted to experiential tourism: A new form of tourism that allows travellers to discover lost locations, enjoy tailored tours, meet new cultures and people and learn about their traditions…

On 10 and 11 December 2022, the event Ancient Wisdoms and Flavours will be hosted by the town of Aritzo, an ancient village in the Barbagia di Belvì, located in the Gennargentu massif.

Aritzo became the chosen venue for the event not only because of its spectacular landscapes (it’s a favourite destination for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking) but also for the many other features that distinguish it.

Aritzo, chosen venue for the event not only for its spectacular landscapes (it’s a favourite destination for hiking and mountain biking), but also for the characteristic streets and ancient vistas of its historical centre, the many archaeological, artistic and architectural landmarks, its ancient traditions, the wisdoms and flavours of the past, still very much alive, treasured and handed down to future generations. An identity strongly marked by the history and culture of the agro-pastoral world of an archaic and rural Sardinia.

The purpose of the event is to involve guests directly, actively and concretely, bringing to life the local ancient wisdoms, helping them discover the charm of a history made all the more precious by the literary soul hovering over the evocative setting of the village, over its surroundings rich in natural beauty, within a festive, uniquely hospitable and warm atmosphere.

The event is designed to guarantee guests an unforgettable stay, based on participation, on discovering details, making new acquaintances and building new relationships, so that in the future they will speak enthusiastically about their experiences here, through a detailed description of those moments and their subsequent sharing.

The two days of Ancient Wisdoms and Flavours will unfold as a series of unique experiences for the guests to live directly and concretely, drawing inspiration from the historical, artistic, cultural, natural, folkloristic and identitary heritage these enchanting places offer.