Experiential Activities

Historical and Cultural Experience

Participants will begin with a tour of the village of Sennariolo. They will visit the parish church of St. Andrea Apostolo, dating from 1676. The interiors feature supporting structures of exposed stone and a single nave, with two chapels on each side and chancel, all of them barrel-vaulted. A bell tower, completed in 1867, is attached to the facade. The patron saint is celebrated on November 30. A few kilometres from the town they will be able to admire the sanctuary of St. Quirico, a recently restored Romanesque rural church. Atop a scenic elevation, they will find the church of Santa Vittoria, erected to thank the saint after the victory of the locals over the invading Moors. 

Beside the village run two streams, the rio Mannu and the rio di Marale, populated by trout and eels. Also worth noting is the Funtana ezza, the village’s ancient spring. The name may derive from s’ena ‘e riu, meaning vein of the river. 

The area is home to a number of domus de Janas (rock-cut chamber tombs) as well as Giants’ graves and numerous nuraghi, including Fromigas, Murcu, s’Ena and Tiana, and above all Liortinas, guarding the confluence of two streams, a rare and imposing example of a circular corridor nuraghe, which can be walked for two-thirds of its length.

Gastronomic Experience

Participants will engage in the preparation of typical traditional local products:

  • Preparation of bread, of a variety of pasta, of pastries and/or other typical dishes made using local products.
  • Family lunch: participants will delight in preparing a typical lunch using everything they produced during their experiential activities, employing seasonal food products and with the help of local cooking experts.

Production Experience

Participants will be able to engage in an imaginary journey through the agricultural or naturalistic areas of Sardinia, which are characterized by distinctive types of flowers. Activities will begin with an introduction to the extraordinary abilities of bees, their loving relationship with a variety of colourful flowers (pollination), and the various dances and roles of the worker bees. This will be followed by a guided sensory analysis workshop based on 5 types of monofloral honey with characteristic aromatic notes. Finally, a tasting of several varieties of honey paired with finger food will be on offer.

Traditional Music Experience

Participants will test their vocal talents by taking part in the age-old art of “Cuncordu” singing, enjoying performances by the Choir of Nostra Signora ‘e Su Rosariu and the Polyphonic Choir of St. Andrea.

Nature Experience

On a naturalistic itinerary, an expert will explain to participants the traditional use of medicinal plants indigenous to the area of Sennariolo and the basic techniques to identify them.