The programme



16 December 2023

10 a.m. Cultural Experience:
Guided tour of the village. Visit to the parish church of St. Andrea Apostolo and to the church of Santa Vittoria 

12 p.m. Artisanal Experience: A honey workshop with a guided sensorial evaluation of 5 types of monofloral honey. This will be followed by a tasting of 3 types of honey, paired with finger food: monofloral honey with cheese, julienned fennel and orange salad dressed with an emulsion of monofloral honey and extra-virgin olive oil, ricotta cream with citrus zest, and Abbamele (sapa honey). 

Finally, a tasting of the typical local dish, “Sa petta imbinada” (pork in white wine), plus fruit and water.

3 p.m. Experiential Activities:


Traditional production experienceExhibition of ancient objects and local handicrafts (historical centre)

5 p.m. Traditional music experience Performance of the Polyphonic Choir of St. Andrea at the church of St. Andrea Apostolo

5.30 p.m. Performance by the Coro a cuncordu di Nostra Signora ’e Su Rosariu at the Hymnos Hall


6.15 p.m. Artisanal gastronomic experiencePreparation of typical local pastries at the Rosa dei Venti facility

8 p.m.-8.30 p.m. Tasting of local products 


17 December 2023 

ore 10:00Nature experience – identifying medicinal plants and plants for use in cooking.

Afterwards, Artisanal gastronomic experience, featuring the preparation of typical local dishes with the assistance of local artisans at the Rosa Dei Venti facility located in Santa Vittoria

Traditional gastronomic experience – “family lunch” at the Rosa dei Venti



Accommodation not included

Limited number of participants 

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N.B. It is possible to book your participation for only one of the two days and immerse yourself in the many experiential activities offered on your chosen day’s program.