THE SPANISH PRISONS: Between the alleys of Aritzo we find the ‘Bovida’, the old 17th century Spanish prison, as disturbing as it is fascinating, today it houses the Exhibition dedicated to the Bruxas, the Sardinian witches.

PARISH CHURCH OF ST. MICHAEL ARCHANGEL: At the centre of the village, along the main road, stands the imposing Parish Church of St. Michael Archangel, rich in works of art and whose origins date back to the 12th century.

CASA DEVILLA: Of great interest is the ‘Casa Devilla’, an 18th-century manor house, home to the Museum dedicated to the Aritzo chestnut wooden chest, finely inlaid by local craftsmen, and home to the permanent exhibition on local handicrafts.

ETHNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM OF THE SARDINIAN MOUNTAINS: In the ‘Pastissu’ Municipal Park, on the immediate outskirts of the town, we can visit the Ethnographic Museum of the Sardinian Mountains, rich in artefacts from the agro-pastoral and artisanal life of the people of Aritzo. 

The Town Hall houses a permanent exhibition of the works of the Aritzo painter Antonio Mura.

ARANGINO CASTLE: Visitors are always struck by the imposing ‘Arangino Castle’, built at the start of the last century in medieval style.

MOUNT TEXILE: Towering in front of the village, the Texile butte is a natural monument recognised by UNESCO and declared an area of significant archaeological interest.